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This study set out to identify how best to support pastoralists and farmers before a food security crisis became fully developed in three different parts of Somalia
Overseas Development Institute
Somalia has achieved an important milestone in its National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process by validating a national-level vulnerability assessment and a monitoring, evaluation and learning framework for both fisheries and livestock sectors.
National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Network
Women carrying water in Somalia.
There have been huge investments in ‘early warning’ facilities across East Africa, prompted by previous emergencies where livestock have perished and people’s lives have been threatened.
This study analyzes systematically how components of internal displacement data are related to disaster outcomes in Somalia, Afghanistan, the Marshall Islands and Bangladesh using a data inventory tool.
Climate Risk Management (Elsevier)
An illustration of a child carry water through an area affected by drought to their homes in canisters.
Since October 2020 large parts of Eastern Africa have been experiencing extended dry conditions punctuated by short intense rainfall events that often led to flash floods.
World Weather Attribution
Drought in Somalia
“In my six decades of life, I have never witnessed a drought as merciless as the one we face today,” sighs Muhammad Ahmed Galow. At the age of 62, Muhammad stands a witness to the history of his country, Somalia.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters
Young woman and a child sitting at a market in Mauritania
This article presents 10 countries researchers have identified as most at risk of climate disaster. The IRC and WRI analyzed where climate crises are likely to occur and whether affected countries have the capacity to respond in vulnerable communities.
International Rescue Committee
Women carrying water in Somalia.
A new report released today by the Federal Ministry of Health & Human Services, WHO and UNICEF suggests that an estimated 43 000 excess deaths may have occurred in 2022 in Somalia due to the deepening drought.
World Meteorological Organization
Women carrying water in Somalia.
With support from OCHA, several humanitarian organizations used data on food insecurity and climate, which is widely available in Somalia, to launch an anticipatory action framework for drought.
Anticipation Hub
Start Network is pleased to announce US$4.2 million of new funding to help protect people in Somalia from ever-worsening drought.
Start Network