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Antique building view at Dambrovita river in Old Town Bucharest city, Romania.
Romania is a flood prone country. The overall annual expected damage due to flooding in Romania is EUR 1.7 billion affecting an average of 150.000 citizens every year.
World Bank, the
Man walking barefoot in a flooded street in Wilsele, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium (2021)
Flood risks affect almost 2 billion people worldwide. Climate change and unplanned urbanization will further increase these risks.
World Bank, the
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The study explores the seismic risk assessment of lifelines from Bucharest, Romania. Lifelines, which include gas, electricity, sewage and water networks, are a critical elements for emergency management, as well as the post-earthquake recovery.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)
560 sirens from HÖRMANN warning systems warn the population downstream of the dam in the event of a leak or the controlled release of the dam.
HÖRMANN Warnsysteme

This study investigated the potential for citizens developing “cultures of disaster preparedness”, which are informed by citizens' values and experiences rather than imposed from “above”. Based on previous research conducted during Citizen Summits in

International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)
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Eastern Europe was praised for being exceptional during the first wave of the pandemic but its pandemic experience has been dramatically different this autumn.
Conversation Media Group, the

This report details case studies following a Disaster Resilience Scorecard Assessment in Centar (North Macedonia), Alba Iulia (Romania) and Kruševac (Serbia).

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Weakened buildings in Bucharest exacerbate earthquake risk. Romanians work hard to raise awareness, strengthen buildings, and build resilient communities.
World Bank, the

This study presents the outcomes of a foresight study aimed at identifying the emerging challenges for water management in the Danube region, considering a set of possible future socioeconomic and political scenarios. For each scenario, were analysed the

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Concentration of time (Tc) is a frequently used parameter in the evaluation of the hydrological response of different sizes hydrographic basin in case of rainfall events. The present study is innovative, because it has created an index that identifies the