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This publication showcases four women in Malawi, Guatemala, Madagascar and Nicaragua who thanks to risk finance were able to overcome climate shock, build resilience, and help their families and communities.
World Food Programme
En 2008, el Gobierno de Reconciliación y Unidad Nacional (GRUN) presentó el Plan Nacional de Respuesta (PNR) como instrumento normativo del SINAPRED de referencia para la articulación de los planes de respuesta
Sistema Nacional para la Prevención, Mitigación y Atención de Desastres
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Nicaragua has become a steady member of the Central America and Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility Segregated Portfolio Company, the region’s primary disaster risk pooling mechanism, established in 2007.
World Bank, the
El cambio climático está emergiendo como un potente motor para la migración interna.
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La movilidad humana asociada a, o derivada de los desastres y efectos adversos del cambio climático viene recibiendo un interés importante en los últimos años en Centroamérica. Este informe contribuye a un mayor conocimiento de la evidencia sobre la

International Organization for Migration
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Community groups improved local governance and disaster preparedness and assisted with health services for new migrants to better track COVID-19 cases in the community.
Flood Resilience Portal

This booklet highlights stories of impact from GFDRR’s engagements in International Development Association (IDA) countries. As IDA countries strive to not only build back better in the aftermath of COVID-19, but also sustain and even accelerate the

World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the
Four months after two powerful storms barrelled through Central America, the humanitarian emergency they left in their wake endures for thousands of people.
The New Humanitarian
Impact of floods in South Sudan (2012). UN Photo/Staton Winter
As the U.N. Security Council meets to discuss growing threats from a heating planet, here are some places where storms, wildfires and drought are fuelling security risks.
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
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Mainstreaming disaster risk management (DRM) into development planning is essential to reversing the current trend of rising disaster impact.
World Bank, the