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This report provides a gender analysis of national laws and policies in Mongolia to inform efforts to strengthen women's resilience to climate change and disasters.
Asian Development Bank
This handbook provides a baseline of understanding of factors that influence disaster management within Mongolia. It is intended to help inform persons who are planning or executing a disaster response mission in the country.
Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance
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This study provides a review of infectious disease risk financing schemes to draw lessons and recommend solutions for the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) member countries.
Asian Development Bank Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation Program
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The Beijing Declaration is the outcome of the Belt and Road Ministerial Forum for International Cooperation in Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management. 
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
Ulaanbaatar joined the ‘Making Cities Sustainable and Resilient’ initiative, under which it developed a DRR plan that includes increased investments in reconstructing, retrofitting and assessing the safety of buildings. The plan also entails identifying safety zones and protecting livestock.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
UN-Habitat has implemented the Flood Resilience Building in Ulaanbaatar Ger Areas since 2019, funded by the Adaptation Fund, not only as an adaptation project but also as one to lends ‘voice’ to the priorities of the high-risk communities and vulnerable residents.
United Nations Human Settlements Programme - Headquarters
Coverpage of "Extreme weather events and internal migration: Evidence from Mongolia"
This article examines the effects of extreme weather events on internal migration in Mongolia. Our focus is on dzuds, extremely harsh winters characterized by very cold temperature, snowfall anomalies, and/or storms causing very high livestock mortality.
Economics of Disasters and Climate Change (Springer)

This profile is intended to serve as public goods to facilitate upstream country diagnostics, policy dialogue, and strategic planning by providing comprehensive overviews of trends and projected changes in key climate parameters, sector-specific

World Bank, the Asian Development Bank
A combination of extreme weather, climate change and environmental degradation have created a series of eight cross-border sandstorms through March, April and May.
China has offered to help Mongolia address environmental problems after the two countries were hit by heavy dust storms this spring.
South China Morning Post