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Climate change is driving millions of people into hunger. On World Food Day, we’re highlighting simple solutions that give communities sustainable access to food – and hope.
Action Against Hunger International
Early warning systems, contingency planning and local action can strengthen West Africa’s responses to increasingly frequent severe flooding.
African Development Bank
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By the end of this century, typical daily temperatures in West Africa set to be even higher than those registered on the hottest days at present, study indicates.
Thomson Reuters Foundation,

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Ecosystem‐based adaptation (EbA) is increasingly being used to reduce the impacts of climate change on vulnerable people and landscapes. The international EbA South project implemented EbA interventions across three countries

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EbA South is a flagship initiative for South-South cooperation, enabling technology transfer, capacity-building, policy support or fundraising.
United Nations Environment Programme

Hydro-climatic risk assessments at the regional scale are of little use in the risk treatment decision-making process when they are only based on local or scientific knowledge and when they deal with a single risk at a time. Local and scientific knowledge

Sustainability (MDPI)
The Untold Story of Water in Climate Adaptation – Part II: 15 Countries Speak is based on an in-depth analysis of 15 countries, examining whether and how their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)
Global Water Partnership
One strategic action of the Province of Potenza’s (PPZ) commitment is to explore cooperation opportunities through assistance to governments, cities, municipalities, communities that intend to undertake similar improvement paths.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction Provincia di Potenza
A new effort, 'ARC Replica,' will help governments and humanitarian agencies access and channel financing to 1.3 million people in drought-hit West African communities.
World Food Programme

This review provides a snapshot of current adaptation and mitigation projects being implemented by multilateral and bilateral donors in the G5 countries of the Sahel. Although not a systematic review, the research for this review has methodically examined

Institute of Development Studies University of Birmingham