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In some parts of the world, climate change is an abstract concept, experienced only through articles in the media. In much of the African Sahel, however, the impact is measured by years and seasons with abnormal rainfall.
People in Need
This report reviews opportunities for young people in the drylands of Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan and Mali to pursue climate-resilient decent work, and provides key recommendations.
Overseas Development Institute
This report is intended to present real-life evidence of how high quality NbS can deliver positive outcomes for climate, nature and people.
British Overseas NGOs for Development

This paper examines the differential household vulnerability to climatic and non-climatic stressors in semi-arid areas of Mali, West Africa. Semi-Arid Regions (SARs) of West Africa are considered climate change “hotspots” where strong ecological, economic

Climate and Development (Taylor & Francis; SEI)
In an article published today in Nature Climate Change, we reviewed the literature on climate change and gender in low and middle-income countries from the last six years.
Conversation Media Group, the
Across the Sahel region people are enduring ever-increasing levels of violence. While conflict dominates headlines, climate change adds a second pernicious dimension.
International Committee of the Red Cross

This paper provides a framework, key principles, and a repertoire of options for adapting social safety net projects to unprecedented levels of insecurity. It fills an operational knowledge gap regarding project design, implementation, and supervision

World Bank, the
Early warning systems, contingency planning and local action can strengthen West Africa’s responses to increasingly frequent severe flooding.
African Development Bank

Parliamentarians from Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Gambia, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Togo, Kenya and Senegal, met at the Consultative Meeting for West African Parliamentarians on Disaster Risk Reduction: An Instrument for Achieving Millennium Development Goals by

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Farmers in Mali, who volunteered to grow climate-resilient locally adapted crop varieties, recently demonstrated the superior features of their crops.
International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics