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This brief unpacks the disaster management landscape in Lesotho looking at disaster risk financing (DRF) policies – both financial and disbursal mechanisms.
Feinstein International Center
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GIDRM aims to strengthen the capacities of decision-makers by making methods for risk-informed development (RID) interventions available. In Lesotho, GIDRM is piloting a climate risk-assessment tool with the water sector as an entry point for RID.
Global Initiative on Disaster Risk Management
FAO Sub-Saharan Africa - Strengthening resilience
This publication highlights how FAO is working with partners and governments to strengthen the ability of communities in sub-Saharan Africa and food systems to withstand and rapidly recover from crises.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters
With $3 million in support, this consortium of universities launched by USAID will encourage innovations that help humanitarian organizations and communities act early to respond to emergencies.
United States Agency for International Development
Access to water has relieved the women of the burden of collecting water far from their homes, and has increased farms production.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters
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Lesotho has fragile ecosystems because of its topography. Mean monthly temperature changes are expected to increase by more than 2.0°C for the 2050s and by 4.4°C by end of the century.
World Bank, the
Climate change is also worsening the already vulnerable food situation in the country.
Climate Adaptation Platform
In 2007, a severe drought in both Lesotho and South Africa upset this shaky situation triggering a dramatic drop in crop yields and a steep spike in food prices.
Carbon Brief
The Capacity for Disaster Reduction Initiative (CADRI) is a UN-led inter-agency partnership that helps countries address disaster and climate risks.
International Organization for Migration
Countries across Africa have already taken major strides to ramp up their plans to better adapt to climate change and have invested in adaptation.
United Nations Development Programme