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The Covid-19 pandemic has not only an impact on business and economy but also reshaped cyberspace. The increased use of digital technologies has become the “new normal“.
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Eastern Europe was praised for being exceptional during the first wave of the pandemic but its pandemic experience has been dramatically different this autumn.
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The current overview of the climate adaptation related regulations and activities at the national, regional and local levels in Baltic Sea Region (BSR) countries is based on a document review using the latest national communications of the countries

Council of the Baltic Sea States

Recognising that national and local adaptation strategies are the key instruments in most issues, a Baltic Sea Region climate change adaptation strategy should aim to be instrumental in mobilizing joint action in areas of work that require or

Danish Meteorological Institute

The overriding goal of the Baltadapt Action Plan is to promote the implementation of the Baltic Sea Region Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change and to specify priority activities for the macro-region in the field of adaptation to climate change

Danish Meteorological Institute

This report reviews the availability of data in Latvia to report against the indicators recommended to measure the global targets of the Sendai Framework, and identify current gaps.

Latvia - government
Meteoalarm uses simple colour coding and jargon-free explanations to help the public understanding real-time weather risks (Photo: Meteoalarm)
Rolled out in the wake of one of the deadliest storms to strike Europe in decades, the continent-wide weather information service Meteoalarm plays a life-saving role by raising public awareness of how to curb risks, and fosters international cooperation into the bargain.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Europe & Central Asia
'Although a natural disaster cannot be prevented,', said Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica, the Latvian Foreign Ministry’s Parliamentary State Secretary for European Affairs, 'effective international cooperation can facilitate a more rapid and effective response to a disaster, thereby mitigating the consequences...
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia
This report presents the institutional and legal framework for disaster risk reduction in Latvia, and describes its common disaster risks and natural hazards, such as flood, storm and wild fire.
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In recent years, dramatic river flooding has occurred in several regions of Europe causing numerous casualties and the damage reached unprecedented proportions. The protection of human and capital assets from natural hazards is high in the agenda of the

European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability