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Access To flooding mitigation and prevention measures In light Of climate change impact In Gaza
This report discusses how the longstanding closure of the Gaza Strip has a significant impact on the technical capacities of the WASH service providers as it restricts the entry of vital materials.
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Headquarters
So, why are cases surging in Israel? And what can Australia learn from it, particularly as Sydney charts its path out of the pandemic?
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Graphs frighteningly show how Israel is experiencing hotter days over longer periods.
Times of Israel, the
[...] Catastrophic weather wreaking havoc in the cossetted heart of the developed world, from floods in Germany and Belgium to scorching temperatures in North America, has sent shockwaves into Israel, raising alarms among activists and intensifying calls
Times of Israel, the

This study assesses heatwave-protective knowledge and behaviour among urban populations in Tunisia, Georgia and Israel. There is an expected increase in heatwaves globally. As such, it is imperative to have sufficient levels of heatwave-protective

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The tool was developed in a study published in the journal Ecological Modeling, by researchers from HUJI and the MIGAL Galilee Research Institute in northern Israel.
Xinhua News Agency
Researchers point to a complex effect of Haredi religious beliefs and worldviews on disaster readiness.
Israel Haymon

This study examines the effects of religious beliefs and customs on earthquake preparedness among the Jewish ultra-Orthodox community in Israel, a significant religious minority with unique social, cultural, and economic characteristics. To work

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Anat Grimberg, Head of Planning Division, National Emergency Management Authority

Israel is becoming the global leader in successful COVID-19 vaccination.

The Manchester Briefing on COVID-19 is aimed at those who plan and implement recovery from COVID-19, including government emergency planners and resilience officers.
University of Manchester