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Researchers warn that heat waves in the Eastern Mediterranean likely to occur seven times more often and last three times longer by century’s end
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Extremely hot days and heat waves will increase, floods and wildfires will intensify, agriculture and public health will be threatened and rising sea levels will encroach on Israel's coastline. Here is Israel's climate change forecast for 2050.
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The city of Holon becomes the first Israeli city recognized as a Resilience Hub and commits to sharing its DRR experience and expertise with other municipalities around the world
Making Cities Resilient 2030 (MCR2030)
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This paper seeks to outline concrete ways in which national security policymakers can enhance resilience. The concept of resilience has gained prominence in academic and policymaking circles since Holling introduced it in the 1970s.
European Journal of Futures Research
The investigation was launched after a Haaretz report revealed that 363 Israelis died during heat waves between 2012 and 2020
Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd.
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This paper asks to what extent learning has occurred with regard to COVID-19. That is, of past experience with pandemics, whether countries learned from the pandemic experience of others, or from their own experience with other types of emergencies.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)
Cover of the health and climate change country profile: panoramic view of the Wailing Wall
This WHO/EURO UNFCCC health and climate change country profile for Israel provides a summary of evidence on climate hazards, health vulnerabilities, health impacts and progress to date in health sector efforts to realize a climate-resilient health system.
World Health Organization - Regional Office for Europe United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
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Densely spaced seismic monitoring stations and a ready-made alerting system allow warnings to be issued within seconds of an earthquake larger than magnitude-4.5.
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“Tsunami Alert Efficiency” is the rapid, accurate and reliable conduct of tsunami warning messaging, from the detection of potential tsunamigenic earthquakes to dissemination to all people under threat, on the basis of prior awareness and preparedness.
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Access To flooding mitigation and prevention measures In light Of climate change impact In Gaza
This report discusses how the longstanding closure of the Gaza Strip has a significant impact on the technical capacities of the WASH service providers as it restricts the entry of vital materials.
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Headquarters