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Using data visualization capabilities, a 3D image highlights flooding risk over the Central Area of Dublin by the year 2100 – with over 8,500 buildings affected by coastal flooding, with an average depth of 1.7 meters.
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This research presents a methodology to extract relevant information from multiple sources post-event and a database building process that is applied to two contrasting estuaries in the Western European coastal area.
International Journal of Disaster Risk Science
Inundated forest in Cambodia
New research examining whether forests can mitigate flood risk suggests they may offer less protection against major events than had been hoped.
EurekAlert Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin
Hurricane Ophelia hits Ireland
Hewlett Packard Enterprise's supercomputer will be built using the HPE Cray system that features powerful, end-to-end performance to speed time-to-predictions with higher resolution, helping weather services issue timely alerts and improve services.
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The visibility of young people in climate change debates has risen significantly since the inception of the Fridays for Future movement, but little is known about the diversity of positions, perspectives and experiences of young people in Ireland

Politics and Governance (Cogitatio)
Ministers have announced details of a €17.3m climate adaptation investment programme for Ireland’s roads.
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Research about the diversity of young people’s concerns, experiences, and actions on climate has emerged. However, this body of knowledge is still in its early stages.
Climate Adaptation Platform
This week’s Manchester Briefing details some COVID-19 topics that are being worked on across three research areas: Communities; Systems; Recovery, Renewal, Resilience Frameworks. The briefing summarises six research topics and details how these aim to enhance understanding of Recovery, Renewal, Resilience in the context of COVID-19.
University of Manchester

This Framework enables An Garda Síochána, the Health Service Executive and Local Authorities to prepare for and make a co-ordinated response to major emergencies resulting from events such as fires, transport accidents, hazardous substance incidents and

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This report is developed as part of the EU-Interreg funded project RiskAquaSoil supported by the European Development Fund. The overarching aims of this report are to present findings on farmers' beliefs regarding climate change, the drivers and barriers

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