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A group of Tour de France cyclists battling
As the men’s Tour de France wraps up and the women’s race begins, the European heat wave rages on. If you look closely, the heat can be seen in photos of the event: cooling towels, water splashed over red faces, ice packs under race jerseys.
Conversation Media Group, the
While France’s battle to contain the Gironde wildfires is ongoing, already facing immense ecological and economic damage, conservationists see the fires as an opportunity to adapt Europe’s largest artificial forest to the challenges of global warming.
France 24
This blogpost gathers insights from these articles (available mostly in French), sharing best practices from across Europe, which is also REGILIENCE reason-to-be.
REGILIENCE - Regional Pathways to Climate Resilience
Climate and defence strategy cover
Climate and defence strategy published by The French Ministry for the Armed Forces.
Ministère des armées
The French government announced 500 million euros on Tuesday to encourage urban vegetation projects to tackle high temperatures in towns and cities as a heatwave began to strike in the south and southwest.
France 24
En cohérence avec la déclaration « Changement climatique et forces armées », l’état-major des armées a présenté un projet de stratégie globale « Climat & Défense » pour engager durablement les armées dans l’adaptation au changement climatique.
Ministère des armées
Depuis 50 ans, environ 30 km² de terres ont disparu en France à la suite du recul du trait de côte.
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Cette publication présente la réalisation d'une campagne de sensibilisation des collèges de l'arc méditerranéen aux épisodes pluvio-orageux de type cévenol.
Institut Français des Formateurs Risques Majeurs et protection de l'Environnement
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This article reviews the legislative framework for regulatory flood maps in the USA, France, and Quebec (Canada) and compares how residual risk behind protective structures is taken into account (or not) in regulatory flood maps.
Journal of Flood Risk Management (Wiley)
Benoît Agassant
The Cannes Climathon 2021 explored innovative climate solutions and disaster risk reduction strategies.