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This brief focuses on how climate change acts as a threat multiplier, worsening the existing risks and vulnerabilities to hunger for already disadvantaged people, particularly women, agricultural workers, and small-scale farmers.
Oxfam International Secretariat
Young girls carrying water in Somalia
The Horn of Africa, on the eastern coast of the continent, is currently being battered by an intense drought thanks to which around 20 million people are going hungry. Safely getting nutritious food to these hungry people has become even more challenging.
Conversation Media Group, the
Djibouti is extremely water scarce with conditions set to be exacerbated by population growth and climate change.
World Economic Forum
The Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum has issued its forecast for March, April, May, which is an important rainfall season for large parts of the region.
World Meteorological Organization

This document aims to succinctly summarize the climate risks faced by Djibouti. This includes rapid onset and long-term changes in key climate parameters, as well as impacts of these changes on communities, livelihoods and economies, many of which are

World Bank, the
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UN to test drones with mapping sensors and atomizers to spray pesticides in parts of east Africa. The infestation threatens to increase food shortages in the region.
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
The African Risk Capacity and the Government of Djibouti have agreed to address climate risks and to scale up national disaster risk management and financing efforts. This agreement is much needed considering Djibouti's climate vulnerability, and is but one of several steps the country has taken to address its risk.
African Risk Capacity
After climate-induced sea level rises began harming the mangroves in Djibouti's once vibrant desert, the government, UN Environment, and partners collaborated to help the community restore forest areas, unblock canals, and improve the drinking water supply. Thanks to this successful project, new mangroves now dot the desert and offset saltwater intrusion.
United Nations Environment Programme

This report summarizes the outcomes and technical discussions of the third Nansen Initiative Regional Consultation that was hosted by the Government of Kenya from 21 – 23 May 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya to discuss “Natural Hazards, Climate Change, and Cross

Nansen Initiative, the
This report presents the results of the rapid assessment of the damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Sagar in Djibouti City and the most affected areas, and offers recommendations and a preliminary estimate of recovery and reconstruction needs.
World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, the Djibouti - government