National policies and plans


This plan proposes a set of national measures focused on adaptation to climate change.

Belgium adopted its second National Climate Plan (2009-2012) in 2008, containing a section dedicated to adaptation. The third objective of the plan is to initiate a

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The Plan of Action of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), agreed upon at the 5th Summit of the Heads of State and/or Government of the Association of Caribbean States, addresses five main themes: (i) sustainable tourism; (ii) trade development and

Association of Caribbean States

This Strategy describes the impacts of climate change by sector and outlines the Belgian institutional structure and adaptation actions on a sectoral level. Furthermore, this Strategy aims to facilitate climate change adaptation by identifying a set of

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Belgium - government

Working together in Europe and the Mediterranean for the prevention of disasters, preparedness and response:

The objective of this plan is to provide a political and technical instrument containing priorities and guidelines for the action of the European

European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement