National policies and plans


España, por su situación geográfica y sus características socioeconómicas, es un país muy vulnerable al cambio climático, como así se viene poniendo de manifiesto en los más recientes análisis e investigaciones.

Este Plan Nacional de Adaptación es el

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Protocol on technical cooperation and mutual assistance in the field of civil defence. Signed at Evora on 9 March 1992.

For the purposes of this protocol, scientific and technical cooperation be tween the two countries may include the following:

  • The
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This agreement establishes a Co-operation Group between the governments of Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, the Republic of San Marino, Spain, and Turkey for the prevention of, protection against, and organisation of relief in major natural

Council of Europe

This Agreement ensures that all signing parties either individually or jointly undertake all appropriate measures to be prepared to deal with incidents of pollution at sea, such as pollution caused by hydrocarbons or other harmful substances.  

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The National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (PNACC in Spanish) is the reference framework tool for the coordination of Public Administrations’ efforts dealing with the assessment of impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation to climate change in the Spanish

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This declaration made by the local government representatives from the Canary Islands who joined UNISDR's Making Cities Resilient campaign in April 2014 lists the steps that the municipalities will take to increase local disaster risk resilience. In

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This agreement between Spain and Uruguay provides for scientific and technical cooperation in disaster preparedness and prevention, and mutual assistance in civil protection.

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This agreement between Russian Federation and Spain provides for cooperation in disaster preparedness and prevention, and mutual assistance in mitigation of consequences of disasters.

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This bilateral agreement between Spain and France provides for mutual assistance in case of natural or man-made disasters, cooperation in disaster risk reduction, and training of civil protection agents.

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Políticas de prevención (in Spanish):

La RRD y el fortalecimiento de los mecanismos de resiliencia serán ejes, no solo del trabajo humanitario de la cooperación española sino de todas las actuaciones, sobre todo de aquellas que se realicen en contextos

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