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This bilateral agreement between France and Malaysia provides for mutual assistance in case of natural or man-made disasters and cooperation in disaster risk reduction.

Malaysia - government France - government

The Bali Concord III focuses to the three pillars of the Asean namely politics and security, economy and socio-culture.

For politics and security cooperation, the declaration deals with conflict resolution, transnational crime and piracy eradication

Association of South East Asian Nations
These three sectoral reports were produced to complete the Malaysian National slope master plan 2009-2023 with the aim of formulating a detailed, comprehensive and effective framework of policies, strategies and action plans to reduce risks from landslides on slopes nationwide. The plan included activities at the national, state and local levels in both the public and private sectors.
Public Works Department

This plan provides detailed elements of a comprehensive and effective national policy, strategy and action plan for reducing risk from landslides on slopes nationwide, for 2009-2023. It also provides an assessment of the status, needs and associated costs

Public Works Department