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The aim of the Kiribati Joint Implementation Plan is to support the implementation of holistic approaches on climate actions. The plan prioritises 104 climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction actions.
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The National Disaster Risk Management Plan (NDRMP) is enabled by the National Disaster Management Act 1993, the Draft National Disaster Management Plan 1995 and the Draft National Disaster Plan 2010.

The Plan embraces an all hazards approach that is to

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This framework outlines the government of Kiribati's approach to climate change and climate change adaptation in the context of sustainable development.

This framework covers considerations of climate change mitigation, the integration of adaptation

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The Government of the Republic of Kiribati, following consultation with regional technical advisory organisations, initiated the process of developing a Kiribati Joint National Action Plan on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management (KJIP) in 2011

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This act provides for the organization and management which is necessary to ensure mitigation of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from disasters in Kiribati. It regulates the institutional framework for disaster prevention and management.

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A declaration adopted by the Member States of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) on September 27, 2012, on the sidelines of the 67th United Nations General Assembly, calling for urgent action to address the climate change crisis which Small

Alliance of Small Islands States

A declaration, adopted by 19 climate vulnerable countries, reaffirming the commitment by climate vulnerable countries to focus on adaptation, particularly in the short term in order to minimise immediate danger, and calling on developed countries to

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