National policies and plans

This is the first page of the declaration
The Beijing Declaration is the outcome of the Belt and Road Ministerial Forum for International Cooperation in Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management. 
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

The purpose of ECO Regional Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (ECORFDRR) is to reduce the impact of disasters through fostering more efficient planning, creating common information systems and exchanging good practices and programmes for cooperation

Economic Cooperation Organization

The proposed draft plan of action is prepared on the basis of the updates and recommendations from the governments and partners shared at the Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction held in Dushanbe on 12 July 2016, as well as other relevant

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

This law provides for the structure, organization, powers, functioning and responsibilities of the civil defence system of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan - government

This law regulates disaster prevention and management measures to be carried out in case of natural and technological disasters, also the rights and responsibilities of population; the powers of government bodies; disaster prevention activities; disaster

Kazakhstan - government

This document presents all disaster reduction activities carried out by CIS countries in 1994, including time schedule, participants, site and responsible body.

Commonwealth of Independent States

This law regulates the legal conditions of disaster management in Kazakhstan, and the powers of government bodies responsible for carrying out measures in case of disasters.

Kazakhstan - government