National policies and plans


This document will also serve as a guide to future national development planning framework to ensure that Ghana has a climate resilient economy to ensure low carbon development. This document is divided into ten (10) programme areas:

  1. Develop climate
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The present Action Plan on National Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Security (2016-2020) provides the implementation framework for an effective development of climate-smart agriculture. The Plan formulates specific strategies that will contribute

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The National Climate Change Policy (NCCP) is Ghana’s integrated response to climate change. It provides strategic direction and coordinates issues of climate change in Ghana.
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This National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy intends to:

  • Ensure a consistent, comprehensive and a targeted approach to increasing climate resilience and decrease vulnerability of the populace.
  • Deepen awareness and sensitisation for the general
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A declaration, adopted by 19 climate vulnerable countries, reaffirming the commitment by climate vulnerable countries to focus on adaptation, particularly in the short term in order to minimise immediate danger, and calling on developed countries to

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The National Action Programme to Combat Drought and Desertification is a sectoral national programme of the Republic of Ghana, applicable for the period of 2002-2027. Its main objective is to sustain high agricultural production and ensure food security

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This act establishes a National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to be responsible for the management of areas affected by disasters and similar emergencies, and for the rehabilitation of persons affected by disasters. Specific disaster risk

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