National policies and plans


This strategy aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To establish and incorporate the foundational guiding arrangements for disaster risk reduction in the country.
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of disaster risk reduction methods and
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The National Disaster Risk Management Plan (NDRMP) will be the basis to establish policies, strategies and procedures that will guide all levels of society in disaster preparedness, response and risk reduction. The NDRMP envisages and identifies risks

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This plan is Botswana's major step towards the paradigm shift from the approach of 'disaster management' to disaster risk reduction. It provides a national framework to implement disaster risk reduction and emergency management in the country involving

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This report presents Botswana’s disaster risks and natural hazards, such as flood, drought and wildfire, and discusses country’s institutional and legal framework for disaster reduction. It provides directives on the elaboration of effective national

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