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This article provides a comment on perspectives that persist as part of the disaster and development paradigm, guided by action research findings from Northumbria’s work in this field, in order to assess how to advance the paradigm conceptually in order


ACT Alliance developed this publication as a contribution to the growing need to understand the dual urgency of increasing the ambition to address climate change in the wake of its devastating impacts and to significantly increase the allocation of

ACT Alliance

The Regional Research Strategy presents a work plan for the Digital Belt and Road (DBAR) Initiative to support sustainable development and disaster risk reduction. The initiative advocates for the use of big Earth data and demonstrates possible

Integrated Research on Disaster Risk

This paper discusses the PEOPLES Resilience Framework, which has been used to create partnerships and communicate pre- and post-disaster recovery of extreme events. The framework can be combined with environmental, infrastructure, economic or any other

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction State University of New York

World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (WCESD), 31 March – 2 April 2009, Bonn:

In this concept note, DKKV and the UNISDR Thematic Platform on Knowledge and Education introduce their reflection on linking education for sustainable

German Committee for Disaster Reduction United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

This paper presents Practical Action's recommendations for action to UNFCCC COP12/MOP2 (Nairobi, 6th-17th November 2006) on: post-2012 emissions reductions; adaptation funding and the 5-year programme of work; and adaptation, sustainable development and

Practical Action