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Latest additions
A new project offers smallholder farmers in Uganda the opportunity to increase their resilience against weather and climate related shocks due to drought and extreme rainfall events.
InsuResilience Solutions Fund
Women walking in Togoville, Togo
New parametric insurance products against drought and excessive rainfall launched to improve climate resilience and access to finance of Togolese smallholders farmers.
InsuResilience Solutions Fund
New York and other U.S. cities are seeking to ensure their climate mitigation plans protect their most vulnerable communities.
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
Using a novel “scenario-neutral” approach researchers from Deltares, together with Utrecht University, IVM, Newcastle University, Tyndall Centre, Bournemouth University, assess when, where, and how fast coastal areas need to adapt as far ahead as 2150.
Urgent action is required before it is too late. Whether we like it or not, it is a question of when - not if - we will have to deal with the security impacts of climate change.
United Nations Development Programme Fiji Multi-Country Office
An Angus Reid Institute survey conducted on Aug. 16, with a representative sample of 1,511 Canadians, found that 76 per cent of Canadians say environmental policy and sustainability are a priority when considering where to live.
Conversation Media Group, the
Port on Barbados
Trinidadian entrepreneur Stacey-Ann Pi Osoria has built her one-woman business on emergencies. Selling inflatable sandbags, flood barriers and mobile shelters, she provides the vital equipment and training her clients need to reduce their disaster risk
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction – Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean
A typical Mising house, called Kare Okum (or chang ghar in Assamese), is an innovative way to keep floodwaters at bay as it is built on a raised platform supported by bamboo stilts.
Floods in the Brahmaputra river, one of the largest rivers in the world, cause massive loss of lives, livestock, crops, and properties every year in India’s northeast. The Mising community, an indigenous community in India's northeast region that has lived close to the river for centuries, has turned to architectural innovations to adapt to the annual flood hazard and reduce disaster risk.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Asia and Pacific