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Libreville (Gabon)
Residents in eastern Ontario are still recovering after a tornado-producing thunderstorm left a path of destruction over 55 kilometres long and up to 1,400 metres wide in July. Such thunderstorms, and the damage they leave behind, are only increasing.
Engineers, architects and builders can design and construct affordable new buildings that can resist tornadoes, floods and wildfires without making the buildings into bunkers. We could also design earthquake-resilient buildings, but do not.
Has a tornado hit your house or your community? Have you received a tornado alert? NOAA scientists want to hear your story.
Scientists at Northern Illinois University continue to hone extended-range weather forecasting, identifying patterns halfway around the globe that will heighten the probability weeks later for hail- and tornado-producing storms in the United States.
Tornado going over land close to a house.
Tornadoes tore up homes in New Orleans and its suburbs and were reported in communities from Texas to Mississippi and Alabama as severe storms swept across the South in late March 2022.
Blue tarps cover damaged roofs in San Juan, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in September 2017.
Study offers new framework for improving disaster science & community preparedness. Disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, and droughts are not only increasing, they are also striking the same place multiple times.
The disasters just kept coming in 2021, from Hurricane Ida’s destruction across Louisiana and the Northeast to devastating wildfires in the West and damaging storms, tornadoes and floods.
Better understanding of warning psychology will prevent disasters.
Higher temperatures might create more favorable conditions for tornadoes but for now, scientists remain cautious about drawing a direct connection.