Storm Surge

A train waits at an Oxfordshire, UK station in the daytime heat
Geomagnetic storms could significantly disrupt electrified train operations in the United Kingdom once every few decades, according to a new study.
Earth Observatory of Singapore - Nanyang Technological University
Tornado in Colorado, USA
Meteorologists have gotten a lot better at forecasting the conditions that make tornadoes more likely. But predicting exactly which thunderstorms will produce a tornado and when is harder, and that’s where a lot of severe weather research is focused today
Texas A&M University System
Green skyscraper building with plants growing on the facade. Ecology and green living in city, urban environment concept.
Recent extreme weather events have provided a foretaste of how supercharged storms might threaten our future. So the release today of a new report from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) is very good timing.
Conversation Media Group, the
The final months of New Zealand’s summer carried a massive sting, bringing “unprecedented” rainfalls several times over, from widespread flooding in Auckland at the end of January to ex-tropical Cyclone Gabrielle
Conversation Media Group, the
Menacing cloud over the sea
Tens of thousands of thunderstorms may rumble around the world each day, but accurately predicting the time and location where they will form remains a grand challenge of computer weather modeling.
Pennsylvania State University
Standards adopted by FERC include freeze protection steps, better cold weather preparedness plans and requirements to identify freeze-prone equipment
Idaho Capital Sun
Cover Natural hazards
This study investigates the sensitivity of the Calcasieu Lake estuarine region to channel deepening in southwest Louisiana in the USA.
Natural Hazards (Springer)
New York winter storm
With extreme winter weather breaking out across the USA this week, a question in many people’s minds is—how is climate change affecting winter storms? Chat about it with Dr. Jennifer Francis, Scientist with the Woodwell Climate Research Center.
Union of Concerned Scientists
The landmark St Mark's Square is regularly flood by "acqua alta", high water events caused by abnormally high tides, providing good photos for visitors but threatening the city's foundations.
PhysOrg, Omicron Technology Ltd
California has nearly seen the last of the relentless sequence of storms that inundated the state since late December, leading to tens of thousands of evacuations, at least 20 deaths, and an estimated $1 billion in damages.
Grist Magazine