Storm Surge

Stormy sky above Mexico City
When a severe hailstorm hit Mexico’s capital last week, citizens began to wonder whether climate change could be the cause. But is that the right question to ask?
Thunderstorm over fields in South Africa.
The lack of infrastructure is preventing scientists from robustly reporting meteorological information as well as communicating warnings about hazard-prone areas.
A view of the Sixty Dome Mosque, part of Mosque City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bagherhat, in southern Bangladesh.
Worsening climate-change-driven heat, heavy rainfall and storm surges threaten Bangladesh's coastal mosques. What needs to be done to protect them?
The director of the Asian and Pacific Centre for the Development of Disaster Information Management said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is really at forefront in terms of understanding the problem of sand and dust storms as well as dealing with it.
Waves and storm surge crash over Ocean Drive in Newport Rhode Island, USA
Extreme storms can cause devastating erosion and leave beachfront houses teetering on cliff edges. But new research finds storms might also help replenish beaches by bringing in new sand from deeper waters.
Front page of the Sea'ties Declaration
Mayors and governors of the world’s coastal cities call relevant stakeholders, building on the «Cities Race to Resilience» campaign, to scale-up mitigation and adaptation to limit the impacts of sea level rise on cities, communities and their territories.
Image from the portal shows storms across West Africa on 27 April 2022
An online portal developed by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) will enable forecasters in West Africa to provide communities with earlier and more reliable warnings about large storms.
Storm surge affecting a structure
The study analyzed tide gauge observations along coastlines in Europe, and the researchers have plans to further develop the method for use in the U.S. and other parts of the world.
Storm surge hitting a light house
A Nature-published study led by scientists at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has quantified for the first time that contributions from human activity may have already altered the likelihood of storm surge extremes.
Dhaka, Bangladesh: The Buriganga river is always busy with wooden boats and passenger ferries.
Bangladesh and the Netherlands are both situated in low-lying lands, making them prone to floods. As a result, both countries have found benefits in cooperation around flood control and water management.