Beaver dam
As heatwaves and droughts become more frequent, beavers could play an important role in safeguarding against these risks, scientists say.
An innovative monitoring technology is helping the world’s driest region predict and manage the impacts of drought.
The nation's largest corn producing region could soon be known as the Extreme Heat Belt.
This summer has been China’s driest and hottest since consistent records began being kept in 1961. The severe heatwave resulted in and continues to exacerbate a drought.
A study shows that we can create plants that can better recover from drought without affecting the size of the plant or seed yield by genetically modifying their lignin chemistry. These results can be used in agriculture to tackle climate challenges.
A severe heatwave in parts of China exacerbated a drought and fuelled wildfires.
This is a summary report on the plan of approach to deal with exceptional low water events such as those experienced in the Meuse International River Basin District after several consecutive years of the summer drought between 2017 and 2020.
This brief focuses on how climate change acts as a threat multiplier, worsening the existing risks and vulnerabilities to hunger for already disadvantaged people, particularly women, agricultural workers, and small-scale farmers.
WIN DRR generic poster
The winners were selected from the 420 nominations that were received from 24 countries across the Asia-Pacific region. The awards, which come with a cash prize, celebrate women's achievements in reducing disaster risk.
Only a few days into autumn, and the UK has experienced some truly autumnal weather. Heavy bands of rain and thunderstorms have swept over parts of Britain, particularly in southern England, that up until a few weeks ago were looking dry and parched.