Together with a loan of EUR 11.3 million and grant of EUR 0.63 million, which was approved by IFAD in June 2020, the additional funding will be used to build on REGEP’s success and extend its completion date until March 2024.
Drought in the Horn of Africa - Rapid response and mitigation plan to avert a humanitarian catastrophe
This report describes the activities that should be prioritized from recent Humanitarian Response Plans in order to save the livelihoods and lives of 1.5 million rural people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia who are facing another La Niña‑induced drought.
Bonn Network International Civil Protection and Disaster Risk Reduction
The Mekong River Commission (MRC) Secretariat has renewed its call for the six Mekong countries to urgently address regional low flows, water fluctuations and drought as the Lower Mekong River experiences record low flows for the third consecutive year.
Women harvest coffee near Lake Kivu, Rwanda
An innovative contingent finance and response mechanism can safeguard the farmers’ investment contributions and ensure that they have resources available to restart production in case of extreme weather events.
When hurricanes Eta and Iota barrelled into Central America in November 2020, they flooded towns and cities, caused catastrophic losses in the agricultural sector and contributed to food insecurity.
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This study explores the role of effective early warning systems in providing information for vulnerable groups in hotspots to plan, prepare, mitigate, and recover from drought. 
Woman flying a drone over a field of lettuce
In the Dry Corridor of Central America, persistent drought—interrupted by violent storms that do further damage to crops—is driving farmers from land they’ve cultivated for generations.
Most scientists researching California's extreme weather events have focused their investigations on the last decade and predict a more tumultuous future. But new research finds that increasing extreme weather trends began half a century ago.
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This study examines several drought early warning systems (DEWS) at global, regional, and national scales, with a special emphasis on agri-food systems.