RAMMS (Rapid Mass Movement Simulation) is a long-standing simulation tool for avalanches, rockfall and debris flows. The SLF's RAMMS research group is now working on further modules for this software package.
With a view to capitalising on this potential for monitoring purposes, researchers at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF have developed a method to automatically, quickly and reliably map avalanches in optical satellite images.
Avalanche on a mountain close to a building
The ceiling of a cold chamber in MSU’s Subzero Research Laboratory was chilled to minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit, simulating a clear night so frigid it sucks warmth and water vapor from snow to form the feathery, glittering ice crystals known as surface hoar
This paper is a preliminary assessment of the glacier avalanche and debris flow disaster that occurred on 7 February 2021 in Uttarakhand, India. The researchers make some observations on the causes and effects of the particular disaster.
Human experts will continue to produce the avalanche bulletin in future, but computer assessments based on weather data and other measurements have a valuable role to play as a “second opinion”.
Cover page of the journal pre-proof
This paper addresses the visual communication issues with a focus on natural hazards which vary in time and space or purely in space. This study is a follow up of a previous study on the efficacy of communication of avalanche warnings.
Space agencies such as NASA and the European Space Agency and companies such as Planet Labs are providing free, medium-to-high resolution images of Earth, encouraging independent research and scientific investigations.
Farmers plowing a field in Kenya
Initiatives to build the resilience of vulnerable people living on the frontlines of climate change are growing worldwide, but they are often disjointed, small and short-term.
Satellite images could offer a new way to monitor for avalanche threats to remote mountain communities, according to Aberdeen scientists studying a deadly Himalayan avalanche.