Guest editor profile

Fadi Hamdan


Disaster Risk Management Center (DRMC)
Expertise: Mainstreaming risk management in sustainable development, urban resilience, risk governance, political economy of risk management, and piloting Sendai indicators.

Fadi has extensive experience in Disaster Risk Management and Risk Governance, including international codes, guidelines and recommendations, for a variety of natural hazards such as floods, storms, earthquakes, landslides, drought and tsunamis. He has expertise in the incorporation of risk reduction and risk management into the development process, and the assessment of the vulnerability of cities to disaster risk (including social, economic, institutional, natural and physical factors contributing to vulnerability).

Fadi also has experience in the resilience assessment and development of urban resilience plans for various cities. In all these plans, linkages are made with the challenges of sustainable development related to poverty, climate change and other shocks and stresses, employment, financing infrastructure, and water, food and energy security amongst others.

Finally, Fadi’s experience includes the assessment of earthquake risk for a variety of structures including bridges, dams, topside structures and offshore jackets, liquid storage tanks and schools, amongst others.

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