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Center of Scientific and Technical Research on Arid Regions (CRSTRA) Expertise:  • The management of natural major risks, especially flooding in arid areas • Technological major risks, especially the risks of dam failure • The mapping of flood areas • Training and awareness against major risks

Dr. Abderrahmane NOUI is a researcher in natural major risks to the Center of Scientific and Technical Research on Arid Regions – CRSTRA, Algeria. he is also a researcher on security dams at the University of Biskra, Algeria. His research activities are focused on the management of natural major risks, especially flooding in arid areas; major technological risks, especially the risks of dam failure; the mapping of flood areas, training and awareness against major risks. Dr. Abderrahmane NOUI is the director of laboratory of mapping and geomatics to the CRSTRA. Seven years of professional, teaching, research and administrative experience has resulted in the establishment of a competent team specialized in major risks flooding in arid regions. Furthermore, he is a trainer to the French Institute of Trainers Major Risks and Protection of the Environment (IFFO-RME), and a member of the Algerian Hazards Network (AHNET).

Arid regions face risks of flooding - the case of Algeria

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QQuestion by Dr Somnath Jha

Dr. Abderrahmane, it is found many a catastrophic excess rainfall event in arid region during the recent decades. In general, the soils of arid regions are enriched in essential nutrient elements and deficient in organic matter and moisture. Is it possible to design a low cost technique to convert this arid region with harvesting this paradoxic extreme precipitation events into a fertile land?

Dr Somnath Jha Deputy Superintendent of Police | Deptt of Home, Govt. of West Bengal, India

APosted on 06 Dec 2015

Dr Somnath Jha,

Thank you very much for your important question.

In Algerian arid surface water resources are very scarce. The irrigation of oases is through groundwater.
It is not possible to use the waters of extreme precipitation in arid regions because the nature of most soil is sandy (it promotes permeability).
The only appropriate solution is to build small dams to get the following benefits:

1- Supply groundwater
2- protect flood areas
3- fertilize farmland

For more information, I invite you to visit the following links:,-un-mod%C3%A8le-de-d%C3%A9veloppement-durable-performant-par-excellence

Best regards

NOUI Abderrahmane