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Şule Gürboğa

Project Manager

Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey Expertise:  Disaster risk management. Earthquakes. GIS, Data modeling and mapping. Project management.

I completed my undergraduate degree in the Department of Geological Engineering at Ankara University/TURKEY, master degree at AIST, Geological Survey of Japan/JAPAN, and PhD in Department of Geological Engineering at METU/TURKEY. My expertise in academic area is the mechanism of earthquake from the geological point of view and the performing of all field applications such as data collection, data processing and compilation. Currently I am a researcher in Akdeniz University and at the same time working for the government for the risk assessment department in Prime Ministry of Disaster and Emergency Management Authority.

Disaster Risk Management, GIS and Mapping

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QQuestion by Mr Alamgeer Hussain

My question is related to landslide occurrence with respect to earthquake.
Is their any methodology to assess landslide occurrence using GIS like interpolation methodology or moddeling by combination of geological parameters and GIS and remote sensing technique to perform meddling and identify risk of landslide.

Mr Alamgeer Hussain GIS Spacilist | Focus Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan

APosted on 02 Jul 2015

Dear Hussain,

First of all, I have to say that there is no specific model or application to identify risk or probability the earthquake proven landslide in Turkey, as far as I know. Even there is a formulation in literature, the usage is very limited. Moreover, landslide susceptibility map give no information about the timing and magnitude of the predicted landslide (Einstein, 1988; Guzetti et al., 1999; Carrara et al., 1995; Van Den Eeckhaut et al., 2006).

Landslide susceptibility= f (predisposing factors)

Landslide possibility= f (landslide susceptibility + triggering factors)

Landslide Hazard = f (landslide possibility + Damageable objects)

The calculation of risk for the landslides (without an earthquake) has been applied by using many geological parameters, some social and economic criteria in some countries; we just started such applications. This process is very long and needs a number data belonging to your study area. Briefly, I categorized and listed them below;   

-Locations of previous landslides (as point or area)

-Geological map the area

-Digital Elevation model of the area

By using these titles that consists sub-titles, GIS programs could perform some processes;

-Slope amount map,

-Slope aspect map,

-Dissolved lithology map,

By means of model builder in any GIS software, after a complicated steps, gradations, and classifications, you can obtain landslide susceptibility map.


I am not expert in landslide applications. I hope that I can help.

For any further question, I am here for 4 days.