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Author Nominations

Nominate an author (even yourself)

IPCC is looking for disaster risk reduction experts to be lead authors (6-8 experts per chapter) and review editors. Nominations must be made by national IPCC focal points by 27 July 2009. Disaster risk reduction experts may have broad, conceptual knowledge of disaster risk reduction issues and/or expertise in the management of specific types of extreme events.

To nominate an expert, including yourself, you should seek endorsement from your national government through your IPCC focal point. The IPCC focal point has access to the IPCC's secure online nomination site. Please note that IPCC focal points have been asked to submit nominations with CVs to the IPCC by 27 July 2009. The nomination period has now closed.

To nominate an author the following steps are proposed:
  • 1. If you know your IPCC focal point you may wish to contact him/her directly.
  • 2. Contact your Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) Focal point or DRR National Platform (NP) focal points in your country to express interest in nominating yourself/another. If you do not know how to contact your HFA/NP focal point, ask your regional UNISDR office for the contact information.
  • 3. Review the Scoping Paper, which contains the Special Report's outline, and identify the most appropriate chapter for proposed authorship as well as the desired role (as lead author or review editor).
  • 4. Submit the expert's CV, specifying the chapter and role of interest, to your national HFA/NP focal point or directly to the IPCC focal point, in advance of 27 July 2009.
  • 5. Let your regional UNISDR office know of the nomination, as there may be opportunity to provide a reference for the expert to the IPCC.

Please note that coordinating lead authors should expect to contribute 5-6 months during the period 2009-2011. Lead authors should expect to contribute 3-4 months over the next two years. In addition they must attend 4 week-long meetings. There are periods of very intense work.

Also bear in mind that to maintain the scientific credibility of its reports, IPCC does not pay authors.

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