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Kuwait National Adaptation Plan 2019-2030

This report forms part of the country’s activities to comply with international environmental agreements. It includes analysis of baseline scenarios and analysis of projected scenarios and their impact on specific sectors in the country. The report represents guidelines of the national actions needed to adapt to climate change in Kuwait. The objectives of establishing the NAP process in Kuwait are to build an adaptive plan with capacity and resilience that can reduce vulnerability to the climate change impacts and facilitate and integrate the adaptation of climate change into policies, programs, and activities, within all national relevant sectors.

The important conclusions that can be drawn from the analysis are the high level of interest at the national level to enhance national and sectoral capacities to adapt to climate change and its induced disasters. The climate change and the variations among years, the high vulnerability of four main sectors and the adverse impacts of the different climate change scenario are of high concerns to decision-makers in the country. Therefore, the report had included many recommendations for adaptation at sectoral and national levels. In summary, the Action Plan recommends the preparation of sectoral action plan for adaptation with emphasis on the four main sectors. Mobilization of financial resources, therefore, is urgently needed for technology transfer and for implementing the proposed adaptation measures.

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