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Austrian security strategy

"Austria will craft its security policy predominantly within the UN, the EU, the OSCE, in its partnerships with NATO and within the Council of Europe", reads one of the central statements of the Austrian Security Strategy which was adopted, as a Resolution of Parliament, on July 3rd, 2013.

The Strategy indicates the reasons as follows: “Today, due to their complexity, security issues can only be resolved through international cooperation. The role of international organizations and forums is thus becoming ever more important, as is their collaboration in a ‘comprehensive approach’. At the same time, the role of individual states is generally diminishing in relative terms.” The said complex security issues are often referred to as the “new”, the “asymmetric”, or the “unconventional” threats: cyber threats, energy security, consequences of climate change an resource scarcity, global implications of regional conflicts or of “failing” states, piracy, trans-border organized crime, etc.

Conventional attacks against Austria have become unlikely for the foreseeable future. Instead, both Austria and the EU are all the more affected by new challenges, risks and threats.These include first and foremost: international terrorism; the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (also amongst non-state actors); domestic and regional conflicts or turmoil that affect Europe or have global repercussions; “state failure”; natural or man-made disasters; attacks against the security of IT systems (“cyber attacks”); threats to the strategic infrastructure; transnational organised crime; drug trafficking, crime, corruption, illegal migration; unsuccessful integration; the scarcity of resources (energy, food, water), climate change, environmental damage and pandemics; piracy and threats to the transport routes, and the repercussions of the international financial and economic crisis on security.

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