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Communiqué of the Chair on Africa-Arab cooperation on disaster risk reduction, Tunis, Tunisia

The Joint Communiqué on Strengthening Africa-Arab Collaboration on Disaster Risk Reduction was signed in Tunis at the Africa-Arab Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction on 13 October, 2018. Coming together at the platform, the two regions noted the many risk similarities they face, identified shared lessons and experiences, and agreed on ways to enhance future collaboration in the implementation of the Sendai Framework.

This communiqué reaffirms the regions' commitment to the Tunis Declaration for Accelerating the Sendai Framework and the Africa Regional Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction, as well as the Tunis Declaration of the Fourth Arab Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Through their commitment, the regions ensure that their DRR strategies are aligned with the Sendai Framework and in place by 2020. African and Arab states also commit to accelerating efforts to ensure they are all systematically collecting and accounting for disaster losses by 2020, using the Sendai Framework Monitor. In terms of reconstruction, signatories agree to seize post-conflict recovery as an opportunity to build back better by investing in resilient and accessible infrastructure.

This communiqué emphasises societal and systematic coherence by establishing the involvement of vulnerable populations, women, and youth, and by also fostering an all-of-society engagement approach to facilitate gender-sensitive and inclusive DRR measures. Signatories also agree to translate the Sendai Framework, as well as global frameworks on climate change and sustainable development, into coherent national and local policy and practice across all sectors. Among other measures, the communiqué features an invitation to 6th session of Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction to be held on 13-17 May 2019.


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