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Iceland: Climate change strategy

The current Strategy is the third that the Icelandic government has adopted with respect to climate change issues. It is conceived as a framework for action and government involvement in climate change issues. The Strategy will be reviewed regularly in view of new scientific knowledge, developments in international co-operation to combat climate change, and governmental emphases at any given time. 

The Strategy sets forth the Icelandic government’s five principal objectives with respect to climate change:

  • The Icelandic government will fulfil its international obligations according to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. 
  • Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced, with a special emphasis on reducing the use of fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy sources and climate-friendly fuels. 
  • The government will attempt to increase carbon sequestration from the atmosphere through afforestation, revegetation, wetland reclamation, and changed land use. 
  • The government will foster research and innovation in fields related to climate change affairs and will promote the exportation of Icelandic expertise in fields related to renewable energy and climate-friendly technology. 
  • The government will prepare for adaptation to climate change. 

The Strategy contains provisions for measures that will be adopted in order to achieve these objectives. It also discusses possible benefits from these measures in addition to the benefits directly connected with climate change. 


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