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ECO regional framework for disaster risk reduction (ECORFDRR) and regional priorities for action

The purpose of ECO Regional Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (ECORFDRR) is to reduce the impact of disasters through fostering more efficient planning, creating common information systems and exchanging good practices and programmes for cooperation and capacity development, in particular to address common and trans-boundary disaster risks and facilitating Member States in developing and implementing the right approaches and sound policies.

Further, ECORFDRR aims “to strengthen the disaster risk management capacities of the people, communities, institutions and States of the ECO Region and enhance the effectiveness of the mechanisms” for preventing and reducing disaster losses in lives, and in social, economic, and environmental assets of ECO Member States and “to facilitate Member States to jointly respond to disaster emergencies” through concerted national efforts and intensified regional cooperation.

The ECORFDRR seeks to guide and support the national implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR), but is not a replacement of national plans. It does so by identifying regional priorities to support national and local actions; enhance exchange of traditional good practices, science based technologies, knowledge products and information among governments and stakeholders to reduce disaster risks. In addition to strengthening regional cooperation to support the implementation of the SFDRR, this Framework will also serve as a roadmap for the region and for the priorities for action that Member States will follow.


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Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030

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