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UN General Assembly 67th session: Statement delivered at the General Debate - Samoa

A statement delivered to the 67th General Assembly annual General Debate by the Prime Minister of Samoa, stating that climate change was the world’s most urgent problem, requiring a decisive global response. It was a challenge that should unite the international community, not divide it. “Entrenched positions devoid of today’s realities and in pursuit of unrelated agendas do not have a role in our collective effort,” he stressed. All countries were impacted by climate change to varying degrees; no one should stay detached and unconcerned about that common plight. The world must work together with a sense of urgency to address climate change “today, not tomorrow”. It should not just be science that recommended what should be done, he added, but also the conscience of States and their political will to follow through.

He said that the climate change negotiating process was a long and frustrating journey especially for small island developing states, who stood to suffer the most and least able to adapt effectively to the adverse impacts while they contributed the least to the causes of climate change. "Climate change cannot be wished away," he added. He called on all countries, even those countries which have been in self denial to date, to now accept the weight of scientific evidence. "Climate change, facilitated largely through human-induced activities, poses one of the gravest threats to humankind and the continuation of life in our world as we know today," he concluded.

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