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Egypt: National communication strategy for raising societal awareness in the area of risk reduction and crisis management

The objectives of the strategy are:

Following is a list of goals designed to be fulfilled within a year time:

1. Raise awareness level of disaster counter and preparedness among Egyptian society’s different strata on a scale of (10%: 90%) in nine months period.
2. Change attitudes towards disasters preparedness, from the negative attitude to the neutral then to the positive.
3. Cause a change in masses’ behaviors pre and during the disaster with 60%. This will be conducted by showing wrong behaviors and the right behavior.
4. Build and coordinate relationships with media platforms before, during and after the crisis.
5. Change attitudes of civil society’s organizations and private sector towards coordinating and participating in participatory programs for disasters preparedness and rescue during crises.

Priorities of implementation plan

For the purpose of effecting the national strategy to raise societal awareness of risk reduction and disasters counter, execution procedures must be done at two-levels:

- First, long term level: which provides training and instruction to mass audience and specialized target audience;
- Second, short term level: which provides communicative procedures that should be enacted during and after the disaster.

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