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Republic of Korea: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Korea, Rep of - gov 1998
Malawi: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Malawi - gov 1998
Algeria: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Algeria - gov 1998
Argentina: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Argentina - gov 1998
Bahrain: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Bahrain - gov 1998
Bangladesh: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Bangladesh - gov 1998
Brazil: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Brazil - gov 1998
British Virgin Islands: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)BVI 1998
Bulgaria: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Bulgaria - gov 1998
Burkina Faso: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Burkina Faso - gov 1998
China: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)China - gov 1998
Czech Republic: end of IDNDR assessment report (1998)Czech Republic - gov 1998
China: The national natural disaster reduction plan of the People's Republic of China (1998-2010)China National Committee for IDNDR, China - gov 1998
Fiji: Natural disaster management act of 1998Fiji - gov 1998
Cambodia: Common country assessment - CCA (1998)UNDG 1998
National plan to combat desertification in the Syrian Arab RepublicSyrian Arab Rep - Gov 1997
Kazakhstan: Civil defence law (Law of 7 May 1997)Kazakhstan - gov 1997
Japan: Disaster countermeasures basic act (Act No. 223 of 15 November 1961; revised June 1997)Japan - gov 1997
Germany and Poland: Agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Poland on mutual assistance in the event of disasters or serious accidentsGermany - gov; Poland - gov 1997
Spain and Uruguay: Agreement on cooperation in disaster preparedness and prevention, and mutual assistance in the event of disastersSpain - gov; Uruguay - gov 1997
Lesotho: Disaster management act no. 2 of 1997Lesotho - gov 1997
Botswana: National policy on disaster managementBotswana - gov 1996
Russian Federation and United States of America: Memorandum of understanding between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on cooperation in natural and man-made technological emergency prevention and responseRussian Fed - gov; United States of America - gov 1996
Guatemala: Ley de la coordinadora nacional para la reduccion de desastres de origen natural o provocado (Decreto no. 109-96, 09/12/1996)Guatemala - gov 1996
Mexico: Reglamento de la Ley de protección civil para el distrito federalMexico - gov 1996
Kazakhstan: Law providing for management of natural and technological disasters (Law of 5 July 1996)Kazakhstan - gov 1996
Nepal: National action plan on disaster management in NepalNepal - gov 1996
Guinea: Plan national de gestion des catastrophesGuinea - gov 1996
Ghana: National Disaster Management Organisation act, 1996Ghana - gov 1996
France: Loi n° 95-101 du 2 février 1995 relative au renforcement de la protection de l'environnementFrance - gov 1995
Brazil: Preventive plan of civil defense in the state of São PauloGoverno do Estado de São Paulo, Brazil - gov 1995
Peru: Comite nacional DIRDN - plan nacional de trabajo 1995INDECI, Peru - gov 1995
Saint Lucia: Emergency powers (disasters) act (1995)Saint Lucia - gov 1995
Brazil: Ordinance establishing the National Civil Defense Council (CONDEC), (Ordinance no. 361 of 9 June 1994)Brazil - gov 1994
Zaire: Politique générale du Zaire sur les catastrophes naturellesCongo, Dem Rep of the - gov 1994
Inter-State Council of the CIS countries basic activities plan on natural and industrial disaster reduction for 1994CIS 1994
United States of America: 42 U.S.C.A. § 5132 Disaster warningsUnited States of America - gov 1994
Protocol between the Kingdom of Spain and the Portuguese Republic on technical cooperation and mutual assistance in the field of civil defencePortugal - gov; Spain - gov 1993
Viet Nam: Ordinance on prevention and control of floods and storms and implementation provisionsViet Nam - gov 1993
New Zealand: New Zealand and IDNDR: Statement by the Manager, Planning and Public Education of the Ministry of Civil Defence of New ZealandCDEM, New Zealand - gov 1993
Brazil: Decree providing for the organization of the National Civil Defense System (SINDEC), (Decree no. 895 of 16 August 1993)Brazil - gov 1993
Kazakhstan: Law providing for legal conditions of disaster management (Law of 15 October 1993)Kazakhstan - gov 1993
Ethiopia: National policy on disaster prevention and managementEthiopia - gov 1993
Jamaica: Disaster preparedness and emergency management act (Act of 25 June 1993)Jamaica - gov 1993
Kiribati: National disaster act, 1993 (Act no. 12 of 28 June 1993)Kiribati - gov 1993
Ethiopia: Directives for disaster prevention and managementEthiopia - gov 1993
Convention on the protection and use of transboundary watercourses and international lakesUNECE 1992
France et Italie: Convention entre le Gouvernement de la République française et le Gouvernement de la République italienne dans le domaine de la prévision et de la prévention des risques majeurs et de l'assistance mutuelle en cas de catastrophes naturellFrance - gov; Italy - gov 1992
Italy: Law providing for the establishment of the National Service of Civil Protection (Law no. 225 of 24 February 1992)Italy - gov 1992
Colombia: Ministerial directive on the responsibilities of the education system for its integration to the National System for Disaster Prevention and Assistance (Ministerial Directive no. 13 of 23 January 1992)Colombia - gov 1992

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