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  Title Source Publication Date
Regional strategy for health security and emergencies 2016-2020WHO-AFRO 2016
Pacific community strategic plan 2016-2020SPC 2016
Toluca declaration for the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (HABITAT III)UN-HABITAT ROLAC 2016
Prague declaration for the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (HABITAT III)UN-HABITAT 2016
European Union: Sendai Action Plan for disaster risk reductionEC 2016
Asuncion declaration: Guidelines towards a regional action plan on the implementation of the Sendai Framework in the AmericasUNDRR 2016
Philippines: Children's emergency relief and protection actPhilippines - gov 2016
India: National disaster management plan 2016India - gov 2016
India: Guidelines for preparation of action plan - prevention and management of heat-waveNDMA 2016
Statement on behalf of the UN System at the World Humanitarian SummitUNDP 2016
United States: Wildland-urban interface federal risk mitigationWhite House, United States of America - gov 2016
Japan: Statement made at the High-Level Forum on Implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction at Local LevelJapan - gov 2016
ASEAN vision 2025 on disaster managementASEAN 2016
Tonga: Climate change policy - A resilient Tonga by 2035Tonga - gov 2016
United States of America: Presidential Memorandum - Building national capabilities for long-term drought resilienceUnited States of America - gov 2016
San Francisco, US: Water Emergency Transportation Authority - Emergency response planWETA, United States of America - gov 2016
Abuja declaration for the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (HABITAT III)UN-HABITAT ROAAS 2016
Ahmedabad, India: Heat action plan 2016Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation; NRDC 2016
Bangkok Principles for the implementation of the health aspects of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030UNDRR 2016
Climate change adaptation and resilienceDoD, United States of America - gov 2016
Resolución Ministerial N° 008-2016-MINAM: Procedimiento Técnico y Metodológico para la elaboración del Estudio Especializado de Evaluación de Riesgos de Desastres y Vulnerabilidad al Cambio Climático para el ordenamiento territorialPeru - gov 2016
Myanmar climate-smart agriculture strategyCCAFS; MOAI, Myanmar - gov 2015
Antigua and Barbuda: 2015-2020 national action plan: combatting desertification, land degradation & droughtAntigua and Barbuda - gov 2015
African Union Commission: Agenda 2063 - the Africa we wantAU 2015
Philippines: National disaster response plan for earthquake and tsunami - Version twoNDRRMC, Philippines - gov 2015
Portugal: Estratégia nacional de adaptação às alterações climáticasPortugal - gov 2015
Ethiopia: Second phase growth and transformation plan (GTP II)Ethiopia - gov 2015
Nepal: Integrated action plan for post-earthquake response & recovery - 2072Nepal - gov 2015
Thailand: Climate change master plan (CCMP)Thailand - gov 2015
Japan: White paper on disaster management 2015Cabinet Office (Japan), Japan - gov; Japan - gov 2015
Montenegro: National strategy in the field of climate change by 2030Montenegro - gov 2015
Guyana: Climate resilience strategy and action planGuyana - gov 2015
Belize: National adaptation strategy to address climate change in the agriculture sector in BelizeBelize - gov; CCCCC 2015
Convention on the transboundary effects of industrial accidentsUNECE 2015
Lesotho: National action programme in natural resource management, combating desertification and mitigating the effects of droughtLesotho - gov 2015
Kenya: Common programme framework for ending drought emergenciesKenya - gov 2015
Niue: Strategic roadmap for emergency managementNiue - gov 2015
Palau: Climate change policy - for climate and disaster resilient low emissions developmentPalau - gov. 2015
South Africa: Disaster management amendment act, 2015South Africa - gov 2015
Uganda: National climate change policyUganda - gov 2015
Zimbabwe: National climate change response strategyZimbabwe - gov 2015
American Samoa, Territory of: Multi-hazard mitigation planAmerican Samoa - gov, United States of America - gov 2015
Ghana: National climate change master plan action programmes for implementation 2015–2020Ghana - gov 2015
Jamaica: National disaster risk management act, 2015Jamaica - gov 2015
Jamaica: Climate change policy frameworkJamaica - gov 2015
Jordan: Aligned national action plan (NAP) to combat desertification 2015-2020Jordan - gov 2015
Ghana: National climate-smart agriculture and food security action plan (2016-2020)CCAFS; Ghana - gov 2015
Consolidated Recommendations for a Regional Roadmap and Plan of Action on local resilience building in Central Asia and South CaucasusECHO; UNDRR SRO CASC 2015
Costa Rica: Política nacional de gestión del riesgo 2016-2030Costa Rica - gov 2015
Korea, Rep of: Second national climate change adaptation measures (2016-2020)Korea, Rep of - gov 2015

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