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Ethiopia: Directives for disaster prevention and managementEthiopia - gov 1993
France et Italie: Convention entre le Gouvernement de la République française et le Gouvernement de la République italienne dans le domaine de la prévision et de la prévention des risques majeurs et de l'assistance mutuelle en cas de catastrophes naturellFrance - gov; Italy - gov 1992
Italy: Law providing for the establishment of the National Service of Civil Protection (Law no. 225 of 24 February 1992)Italy - gov 1992
Colombia: Ministerial directive on the responsibilities of the education system for its integration to the National System for Disaster Prevention and Assistance (Ministerial Directive no. 13 of 23 January 1992)Colombia - gov 1992
Cape Verde: Criação de um Sistema de Protecção Civil, como previsto no Programa do GovernoSNPC, Cabo Verde - gov 1992
Zaire: Ministerial order establishing and organizing a national program of prevention and fight against natural disasters - PRONAPLUCAN (Ministerial Order no. CAB/VPM/AS/0016199/91 of 16 August 1991)Congo, Dem Rep of the - gov 1991
Tunisia: Law concerning the control and prevention of disasters and the organisation of disaster relief (Law no. 91-39 of 8 June 1991)Tunisia - gov 1991
Viet Nam: Plan of operations of Vietnam National Committee on International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR)Viet Nam - gov 1991
Czechoslovakia: Czech and Slovak Federal Republic national programme on IDNDR - outlineCzech Republic - gov; Slovakia - gov 1991
Afghanistan: Law on combating disasters in the Republic of AfghanistanAfghanistan - gov 1991
Solomon Islands: National Disaster Council Act (Act of 30 April 1990)Solomon Islands - gov 1990
Tanzania: Disaster relief coordination act (Act no. 9 of 5 June 1990)Tanzania, United Rep of - gov 1990
Paraguay: Decreto por el cual se crea el Comite de Emergencia Nacional como organo asesor del Presidente de la republica (Decreto no. 6088, 8 de junio de 1990)Paraguay - gov 1990
Honduras: Ley de contingencias nacionales (Decreto no. 9-90-E, 18/12/1990 )Honduras - gov 1990
Indonesia: Decision of the President of the Republic of Indonesia on the National Coordinating Board for Disaster Management (Decision no. 43 of 19 September 1990)Indonesia - gov 1990
Colombia: Presidential directive on the National System for Disaster Prevention and Assistance (Presidential Directive no. 33 of 8 October 1990)Colombia - gov 1990
Turkey: National plan of Turkey, 1990-2000Turkey - gov 1989
Ethiopia: National disaster prevention and preparedness strategy for EthiopiaEthiopia - gov 1989
Australia: State emergency and rescue management act 1989Australia - gov 1989
Australia: State Counter-Disaster Organization act 1975Australia - gov 1975
United States of America: 42 U.S.C.A. § 5131 Federal and State disaster preparedness programsUnited States of America - gov 1974
Nauru: Disaster risk management act, 2008 (Act no. 15 of 18 December 2008)Nauru - gov
Council of Europe (COE): Statement made at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (2013)COE
Honduras: Statement made at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (2013)Honduras - gov
Colombia: Ley de sistema nacional para la prevención y atención de desastresColombia - gov
Chile: Decreto ley 369 - crea la oficina nacional de emergencia, dependiente del ministerio del interiorChile - gov
SEEDS: Statement made at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (2009)SEEDS Asia
Papua New Guinea: National disaster mitigation policyNDC, Papua New Guinea - gov

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