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Vanuatu: National policy on climate change and disaster-induced displacementIOM; Vanuatu - Gov 2018
Protocol on climate change adaptation and disaster risk management in fisheries and aquaculture under the Caribbean Community Common Fisheries PolicyCRFM 2018
United Kingdom: Heatwave plan for EnglandPHE, United Kingdom - gov; United Kingdom - gov 2018
Argentina: Plan nacional para la reducción del riesgo de desastres 2018-2023 (PNRRD)Argentina - gov 2018
Australia: Queensland climate adaptation strategy - Human health and wellbeing climate change adaptation planNCCARF; Queensland Gov, Australia - gov 2018
Switzerland's climate policySwitzerland - gov 2018
Tonga: Joint national action plan 2 on climate change and disaster risk management (JNAP 2) 2018-2028Tonga - gov 2018
Liberia: National policy and response strategy on climate changeLiberia - gov 2018
Paraguay: Plan nacional de implementación del Marco de Sendai 2018-2022Paraguay - gov; SEN, Paraguay - gov 2018
Arab strategy for disaster risk reduction 2030UNDRR ROAS 2018
Global compact for safe, orderly and regular migrationUN 2018
United Kingdom: National adaptation programme and the third strategy for climate adaptation reportingUnited Kingdom - gov 2018
Action Plan 2018-2020 of the Asia Regional Plan for Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030UNDRR AP 2018
Ulaanbaatar DeclarationMongolia - gov; UNDRR AP 2018
Montréal's resilient city strategyCity of Montreal 2018
Yerevan DeclarationArmenia - gov; UNDRR ROE 2018
Cartagena DeclarationUNDRR AM 2018
Dhaka Declaration 2015+ on Disability and Disaster Risk ManagementBangladesh - gov; MoDMR, Bangladesh - gov; UNDRR 2018
Ecuador: Plan nacional de respuesta ante desastresEcuador - gov 2018
Ireland: National adaptation framework - Planning for a climate resilient IrelandIreland - gov 2018
Eastern Caribbean regional climate change implementation planOECS 2018
Regional strategy for disaster risk management in the agriculture sector and food and nutrition security in Latin America and the Caribbean (2018-2030)CELAC; FAO; UNDRR AM 2018
Ahmedabad, India: Heat action plan 2018Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation 2018
Climate resilience action plan for city assets and operationsCity of Austin 2018
Karachi heatwave management plan: a guide to planning and responseCommissioner Karachi 2018
USA: FEMA 2018-2022 strategic planFEMA, United States of America - gov 2018
South Sudan: MHADM strategic plan 2018-2020South Sudan, Rep of - gov 2018
Safeguarding California plan: 2018 updateState of California, United States of America - gov 2018
Republic of the Marshall Islands national disaster risk management arrangementsMarshall Islands - gov 2017
Samoa national disaster management plan 2017Samoa - gov 2017
Comitê Cidade ResilientePrefeitura do Município de Vinhedo, SP, Brazil - gov 2017
Stratégie nationale de prévention et de réduction des risques de catastrophes (SNPRRC) de la République du CongoCongo, Dem Rep of the - gov 2017
Papua New Guinea national disaster risk reduction framework 2017-2030Papua New Guinea - gov 2017
Myanmar climate change strategy and action plan (MCCSAP) 2016–2030Myanmar - gov 2017
Myanmar: Climate-smart agriculture, fisheries and livestock for food security: Policy guidance brief 1Myanmar - gov 2017
Mozambique: Plano director para a redução do risco de desastres 2017-2030Mozambique - gov 2017
Cabo Verde: Estratégia nacional de redução de riscos de desastresCabo Verde - gov 2017
Montego Bay Declaration on Jobs and Inclusive Growth: Partnerships for Sustainable TourismUNWTO 2017
Pakistan: School safety frameworkNDMA, Pakistan - gov; Pakistan - gov 2017
Estrategia Andina para la gestión del riesgo de desastres: Decisión 819CAN 2017
Australia: Queensland climate adaptation strategy - Agriculture sector adaptation planNCCARF; Queensland Gov, Australia - gov 2017
Australia: Queensland climate adaptation strategy - Built environment and infrastructure sector adaptation planQueensland Gov, Australia - gov 2017
Kenya climate smart agriculture strategy 2017-2026Kenya - gov 2017
Australia: Queensland climate adaptation strategy 2017–2030Queensland Gov, Australia - gov 2017
Estonia: Climate change adaptation plan until 2030Estonia - government 2017
The Austrian strategy for adaption to climate changeAustria - gov 2017
India: Himachal Pradesh state disaster management plan 2017SDMA, India - gov 2017
Japan: White paper on disaster management 2017Cabinet Office (Japan), Japan - gov; Japan - gov 2017
National disaster recovery framework (NDRF): Building back a disaster-affected Malawi better and safer (Volume II: Drought)Malawi - gov 2017
Zambia: Seventh national development plan 2017-2021Zambia - gov 2017

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