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  Title Source Publication Date
Updated Nationally Determined Contribution: Republic of IndonesiaUNFCCC 2021
Plan Nacional de Adaptación al Cambio Climático del Perú: un insumo para la actualización de la Estrategia Nacional ante el Cambio ClimáticoPeru - gov 2021
A protocol for early warning dissemination on thunderstorm and lightningNDMA, India - gov 2021
The City of Miami’s comprehensive stormwater master plan: executive summaryCity of Miami 2021
Monsoon contigency plan 2021PDMA, Pakistan - gov 2021
Sint Maarten - National recovery and resilience plan: A roadmap to building back betterWB 2021
Estrategia de gestión financiera ante el riesgo de desastres para EcuadorEcuador - gov; GFDRR; WB 2021
Tonga: Joint national action plan 2 on climate change and disaster risk management (JNAP 2) 2018-2028GIZ, Germany - gov; EU; Government of the Kingdom of Tonga; GCF; UNDP; USAID, United States of America - gov 2021
Somalia: The national durable solutions strategy 2020-2024MOPIED; NRC 2021
Timor Leste: National Adaptation PlanTimor-Leste - gov 2021
Mauritius: National disaster risk reduction and management strategic framework 2020-2030Mauritius - gov 2021
Política Nacional de Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres de Perú al 2050Peru - gov 2021
Forging a climate-resilient Europe - the new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate ChangeEC 2021
U.S. Geological Survey Wildland Fire Science Strategic Plan, 2021–26USGS, United States of America - gov 2021
California's Wildfire and Forest Resilience Action PlanState of California, United States of America - gov 2021
Chile: Política Nacional para la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres 2020-2030ONEMI, Chile - gov 2020
Stratégie Nationale de Réduction des Risques de Catastrophes (SN-RRC) 2020-2030Côte d'Ivoire - gov 2020
Strategic Plan for Climate Change Adaptation of ForestryTurkey - gov 2020
Saint Lucia’s Resilient Ecosystems Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan (REASAP) 2020–2028Saint Lucia - gov 2020
ASEAN Agreement on disaster management and emergency response (AADMER) work programme 2021-2025ASEAN 2020
Género y reduccion del riesgo de desastres - acercamiento a nivel local (Chile)Chile - gov 2020
Papua New Guinea's Sustainable Development Goal 13 roadmap: 30 actions by 2030UNDP 2020
Flood and coastal erosion risk managementUnited Kingdom - gov 2020
Nepal: National Disaster Risk Financing StrategyWB 2020
Disaster risk financing and implementation plan (2019 - 2024)Malawi - gov 2020
Omnibus guidelines on the implementation of community quarantine in the PhilippinesPhilippines - gov 2020
Guidance for preparedness and response for COVID-19 outbreak in the school settingSri Lanka - gov 2020
Dominica climate resilience and recovery plan 2020 - 2030Dominica - gov 2020
Pakistan national education response and resilience plan (K-12) for COVID-19Pakistan - gov 2020
Summary of Guidelines COVID-19India - gov 2020
National comprehensive COVID-19 management bookEthiopia - gov 2020
Plan de Contingencia Regional del SICA frente al COVID19SICA 2020
Malawi’s national adaptation plan frameworkMalawi - gov 2020
National action plan for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) PakistanPakistan - gov 2020
Política Nacional de Gestión Integral del Riesgo de Emergencias y Desastres en Uruguay 2019-2030Uruguay - gov 2020
Communique on Endorsement of the Protocol of Free Movement of PersonsIGAD 2020
Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP 2100)Bangladesh - gov 2020
Terms of Reference for the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster ArrangementsAustralia - gov 2020
Bangkok statement at 15th Meeting of the Regional Consultative Committee on Disaster Management (RCC)ADPC 2020
Kuwait National Adaptation Plan 2019-2030Kuwait Environment Public Authority; UNDP; UNEP 2019
Plan nacional de adaptación a la variabilidad y el cambio climático para el sector agropecuario de UruguayUruguay - gov 2019
National hazard management plan - Cayman IslandsCayman Islands - gov 2019
Policy brief on coherence by RCCADPC; GIDRM; RCC 2019
Standing orders on disaster 2019Bangladesh - gov 2019
South Africa: National climate change adaptation strategy (2019)DEA, South Africa - gov 2019
Plan national de gestion des risques de désastre 2019 - 2030Haiti - gov 2019
Nepal: National policy and strategic action plan for disaster risk reduction and management 2018-2030Nepal - gov 2019
Plano de Resiliência Vinhedo 2017 - 2020Prefeitura do Município de Vinhedo, SP, Brazil - gov 2019
Responding to the climate crisis: an implementation planMinistry of Defence, New Zealand - gov 2019
National disaster management plan 2019India - gov 2019

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