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Pilot: Local Government Self Assessment

The UNISDR Secretariat has been assisting regional and national governments to review the status and progress of implementation of disaster risk reduction under the umbrella of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA). As a third tier UNISDR is currently testing a self assessment tool for local governments.

The tool aims at:

  • Provide a self assessment tool and a feedback mechanism for local and city governments and facilitating the understanding of gaps and challenges in disaster risk reduction at the local level.
  • Complement the national HFA monitoring and multi-stakeholder engagement process by providing information and an assessment of the situation from the local level.
  • Present a "baseline" and status report for cities and municipalities that have committed to the Making Cities Resilient Campaign, showing progress against the 10 essentials for making cities resilient.

The local HFA review process will be carried out through a web based on-line system as well as a paper based template. The on-line system and the template is being developed by the UNISDR secretariat in consultation with relevant partners, including local government representatives, ICLEI, representatives of the Global NGO Network and other campaign partners.

The on-line tool is based on a set of 43 local context specific indicators, in the shape of a questionnaire.

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