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Arab Resilient Cities Network

The Arab Resilient Cities Network aims to facilitate cooperation and coordination of urban risk reduction activities in the region; such as advocate for political awareness and commitment, develop tools and methodologies for enhanced urban resilience, and contribute to capacity building, knowledge sharing and training opportunities. In addition, the Network will be a driver for the Global Biannual Campaign 2010 - 2011 Making Cities Resilient: "My city is getting ready" in the Arab region.

The members of the Arab Resilient Cities Network are related to urban development and risk reduction in the Arab region; such as urban planners, local government officials, and representatives from NGOs, academia, regional and international organizations.

This workspace is an online tool for the Arab Resilient Cities Network where members can share information; such as events, documents, maps, training, policies, and guidelines on urban risk reduction in the Arab region. This workspace will also provide interactive discussions on documents and themes related to urban development and risk reduction. It will strive to promote south - south cooperation and knowledge sharing from other regions, where relevant experiences can be applied in the Arab context.

UNISDR, based on its mandate of facilitating and coordinating urban risk reduction efforts at the global and regional level will coordinate the Arab Resilient Cities Network.

Language: English
Members: 80

How to apply: This is a closed working group for invited participants only.

Are you interested to become a member of the network and to gain access to the workspace? Please send an email to isdr-arabstates@un.org with name, organization and contact information.


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