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Education & School Safety Networks & Communities

ANDROID disaster resilience network

ANDROID aims to promote co-operation and innovation among European Higher Education Institutes (HEI) to increase society's resilience to disasters of human and natural origin. The network's teaching and research is concerned with what resilience is, what it means to society, and how societies might achieve greater resilience in the face of increasing threats from natural and human induced hazards. The network will create a European approach that will help us understand the attributes that enable physical, socio-cultural, politico-economic and natural systems to adapt, by resistance or changing in order to reach and maintain an acceptable level of functioning. The network will also raise awareness and promote a common understanding among stakeholders of the importance of disaster resilience education and the essential role of European HEIs in improving society's ability increase disaster resilience.

Children, Youth and Disasters Network

Children, Youth and Disasters Network

Coalition for Global School Safety and Disaster Prevention Education

Coalition for Global School Safety & Disaster Prevention Education.
Access to Disaster Reduction Education Network Discussion Archives

Edu4DRR Teachers Network

The Edu4DRR Teachers Network is by and for teachers and educators who want to make a difference in disaster prevention. Find and share quizzes, films, resource documents and lesson plans for teachers. A Network of the Coalition for Global School Safety & Disaster Prevention Education.

Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN)

EDEN's mission is to share education resources to reduce the impact of natural and man-made disasters. It links educators from across the United States of America of various disciplines, enabling them to use and share resources to reduce the impact of disasters. Its mission is carried out through: - Interdisciplinary and multi-state research and education programs addressing disaster mitigation, preparation, response and recovery; - Linkages with federal state and local agencies and organizations; - Anticipation of future disaster education needs and actions; - Timely and prompt communications and delivery of information that meets audience needs; - Credible and reliable information.
  • How to participate: See details on this page http://eden.lsu.edu/AboutEDEN/JoinEDEN/Pages/Default.aspx
  • Website: http://eden.lsu.edu

Global Alliance for DRR and Resilience in the Education Sector

The main purpose of the Global Alliance for DRR and Resilience in the Education Sector is to strengthen global coordination, knowledge sharing, and advocacy on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and education. The Global Alliance works to ensure comprehensive school safety, which includes safe educational facilities, robust school disaster management, and ubiquitous disaster prevention and risk reduction education. The discussions of this network are facilitated by the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE).

PARSQUAKE: Earthquake education in the global Persian community (Teachers Without Borders)

This online group will collaborate on creating and collecting earthquake education resources that can be used by the global Persian-speaking community.

Periperi U

Periperi U is a platform for university partnership to reduce disaster risks in Africa. It stands for ‘Partners Enhancing Resilience to People Exposed to Risks’ - with a special focus on advancing university action on risk and vulnerability reduction in Africa.

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