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Water Networks & Communities


The C-Change Project, Managing Adaptation to Environmental Change in Coastal Communities: Canada and the Caribbean, is a collaborative International Community-University Research Alliance (ICURA) initiative whose goal is to assist participating coastal communities in sharing experiences and tools that aid adaptation to pending changes in their physical and social coastal environments. These environmental changes include (1) flooding associated with storm surge, (2) coastal erosion, (3) rising sea-levels, (4) seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers, (5) coastal and sea pollution caused by wastewaters and solid wastes that have been treated ineffectively, and (6) impacts associated with increasingly extreme weather events.

Green Recovery and Reconstruction Toolkit (GRRT) CoP

The Green Recovery and Reconstruction Toolkit (GRRT) is a training program designed to increase awareness and knowledge of environmentally sustainable disaster response approaches. The GRRT is made of ten modules which are designed to be delivered in a one-day training workshop: (i) opportunities after disasters - introduction to green recovery and reconstruction; (ii) project design; (iii) monitoring and evaluation; (iv) environmental impact assessment tools and techniques; (v) green guide to strategic site selection and development; (vi) green guide to materials and the supply chain; (vii) green guide to construction; (viii) green guide to water and sanitation; (ix) green guide to livelihoods; and (x) green guide to disaster risk reduction and greening organizational operations.

International network for capacity building in integrated water resources management (Cap-Net)

Cap-Net is an international network for capacity building in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). It is made up of a partnership of autonomous international, regional and national institutions and networks committed to capacity building in the water sector.

Cap-Net falls within the Energy and Environment Group of UNDP and works closely with the Water Governance Facility. UNDP recognizes the key role of capacity building for integrated water resources management as an important means in promoting sustainable development and combating poverty.

As a UNDP project, Cap-Net is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sida and the EU and hosted by the Water Research Commission, South Africa. EU funds from the Water Facility support actions in Africa and the Caribbean.

  • Language: English
  • How to participate: The Cap-Net website makes all training and information materials freely available for download and adaptation to meet local needs. Visit website for more information.
  • Website: http://www.cap-net.org/

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