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Apiário is a platform to promote social business for greater efficiency in support of emergency situations in Brazil. A call to action is promoted for young social entrepreneurs, to implement projects that help solving problems in emergency and risky situations in Brazil. The platform takes place under the organizational environment, to foster social business entrepreneurs to implement different links needed to support an excellent management of natural disasters in Brazil, facilitated by groups of people and entities that can meet financial, technical and coaching demands.
  • Language: Spanish
  • How to participate: The entry shall be made only by completing the online form. Each project must have a minimum of detail below:
    - Personal details and motivations - Brief description of the project - Category and demand fulfilled - Budget - Expected Results
  • Website: http://apiario.tumblr.com/

Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network is managed by an alliance of organisations led by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), and including Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano, INTRAC, LEAD International, the Overseas Development Institute, and SouthSouthNorth supporting 'climate compatible development'. The team brings together a wide range of experience across the fields of climate change and development, research, policy development, knowledge management, networking and capacity-building, as well as substantial expertise in the management of global initiatives. CDKN can provide technical assistance and research, supporting knowledge sharing and partnership development in Africa, the Americas and Asia. The £50 million Climate and Development Knowledge Network, funded over five years by DFID, will link 60 developing countries with leading climate and development experts, allowing them to commission and share knowledge on how best to tackle the effects of climate change.

EU Exchange of Experts Programme and Financial Instrument

EU exchange of experts system is designed to complement a training programme tailored to the needs of civil protection interventions within the framework of the Community Mechanism for civil protection. It is open to partners of the European Union civil protection mechanism including the candidate country Croatia and the European Economic Area (Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland). The Community Mechanism consists of a series of elements and actions, which aim at facilitating both adequate preparedness and effective response at Community level.

Radix - Radical Interpretations of Disaster

Radix is meant as a home for discussion, working papers, opinion pieces, resources, links that can help to develop radical interpretations of and radical solutions for all disasters in all parts of planet earth. Radix welcomes any material that proposes to deal with fundamental issues such as human rights, respect for diversity, translation of available knowledge into action, the links among disasters, economic development, and politics. Recent discussions have focused on climate change, governance and other related topics.

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