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Towards a Safer World (TASW)

TASW is a multi-stakeholder network of practitioners on whole of society preparedness for pandemics and comparable threats, led by the UN System.

The TASW Network is a diverse group of energetic and expert practitioners from a variety of sectors, organisations and countries demonstrating how they have initiated whole-of-society preparedness for pandemic and related threats. They commit to maintaining and refining the best practices they have developed, and agree to communicate it widely, mainstream it within institutions, sustain it, reach out and engage others who might benefit from it, and to continue to learn from each other. They opt to maintain contact through a network that includes a broad range of partners from government, business, civil society, research groups and the military – from five continents.

It builds on the significant investments and broad participation in pandemic preparedness since 2005, which have generated many practical lessons and innovations - relevant not only for improving responses to health crises, but also for strengthening societal resilience in the face of other major threats.

TASW Network promotes key good practices include (i) coordination of multi-actor networks, including professionals from business, Government and civil society, (ii) planning for the maintenance of critical services, (iii) implementation of communication strategies, (iv) simulations to test and validate contingency plans, (v) mobilization of funds for preparedness and (vi) development of tools for measuring preparedness.

This periodic newsletter provides TASW network members with an opportunity to share recent activities, case studies and developments that may be of wider interest.

  • How to participate: For more information, visit the website below.

    To join the TASW Network or contribute to the next newsletter, contact:
    Dr. Chadia Wannous
    Senior Policy Advisor and TASW Network Coordinator
    Email: chadia.wannous@undp.org
    Tel: +41 22 917 1150

  • Website: http://www.towardsasaferworld.org

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