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Coastal Zone Community of Practice (CZCP)

The CZCP of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO; see http://www.earthobservations.org) brings together scientific and non-scientific experts in an effort to support coastal zone management through utilization of Earth observations and derived products. The CZCP focuses both on research and practical applications related to coastal zone management. A strong focus of the CZCP is on information for disaster risk management in the coastal zone.
  • Language: English
  • How to participate: If you would like to interact with the CZCP, e.g. express your interest, ask questions, comment on the web pages, become a member/contributor, or provide information, please, use the forms available at http://www.czcp.org/you_and_the_CZCP
  • Website: http://www.czcp.org

International group for wind-related disaster risk reduction (IG WR DRR)

During CADRR (Cooperative Actions for Disaster Risk Reduction) held in Tokyo in March 2009, the participations of the representatives from IAWE, IAEE, UNISDR, ADRC, WMO, NOAA and others reached a consensus that there is a critical need to establish an International Group (IG) to work on Wind-Related Disaster Risk Reduction. The main task of this group is to establish linkages and to coordinate various communities, e.g., IAWE, to serve as inter-agency coordinators with a charter to work with international organizations involving agencies of the UN and involved NGOs, and to empower them with the responsibility to serve as a bridge between policy makers and agencies responsible for actually carrying out the DRR at the local community level.

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