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Earthquake hazard and risk assessment

Presentation by Vitor Silva (Global Earthquake Model)

This is an excerpt from the launch webinar of the National Disaster Risk Assessment Words into Action Guidelines. The guidelines focus on Sendai Framework’s first Priority for Action: Understanding Disaster Risk, which is the basis for all measures on disaster risk reduction and is closely linked to the other three Priorities for Action.

The uncontrolled growth of the global population led to an increase in annual earthquake-related losses from US$ 14 billion in 1985 to more than US$ 140 billion in 2014. Similarly, the average affected population rose from 60 million to over 179 million within the same period. Earthquakes constitute approximately one fifth of the annual losses due to natural disasters, with an average death toll of over 25,000 people per year.

Earthquakes may cause liquefaction, landslides, fire, and tsunami which would lead to far higher level of damage and losses. This module is focused on assessing only earthquake shaking hazard and risk. The assessment of earthquake risk constitutes the first step to support decisions and actions to reduce potential losses.

The process involves developing (a) earthquake hazard models characterizing the level of ground shaking and its associated frequency across a region, (b) exposure data sets defining the geographic location and value of the elements exposed to the hazards and (c) vulnerability functions establishing the likelihood of loss conditional on the shaking intensity. Risk metrics can support decision makers in developing risk reduction measures that can include emergency response plans, the enforcement of design codes, the creation of retrofitting campaigns and development of insurance pools.

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