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  Title Source Date Published
Hospitals safe from disasters: intervention by Dr. Ala AlwanUNISDR; WHO  2008
Hospitals safe from disasters: intervention by John HolmesUNISDR; WHO  2008
Climate change: what next?Tivoli Entertainment  2008
Hospitals safe from disastersUNISDR; WHO  2008
2007 Disasters in numbersCRED; UNISDR  2008
Beat the quake! Drop, cover, hold onEarthquake Country Alliance  2008
Ancient tsunami recordsNPG  2008
'Beyond school books' podcast #8: Natural disasters and school constructionUNICEF  2008
Simulation de risques naturels: les infographiesMin de l'Écologie, du Dév durable et de l'Énergie, France - gov  2008
Bihar Koshi floods 2008AIDMI  2008
Film: Journée internationale de la prévention des catastrophesUNISDR  2007
Film: National Platforms for Disaster Reduction: the experience of MadagascarUNISDR  2007
Film: Field Library for Disaster Reduction: the experience of MadagascarUNISDR  2007
Film: Safer construction  2007
Adaptation post-2012: reducing vulnerability and risk  2007
Simulácro na escolaServiço Nacional de Proteção Civil  2007
The long last mileLIRNEasia, TV-E Asia-Pacific, International Development Research Centre, Canada (IDRC)  2007
Nicaragua: Matagalpa project approachUNOSAT  2007
Empieza en la escuelaUNISDR AM  2007
UNISDR YouTube channelUNISDR  2007
Film: Beating the hurricane: the experience of CubaUNISDR  2006
Film: 2006 International Day for Disaster ReductionUNISDR EUR  2006
An inconvenient truthParamount Classics and Participant Productions  2006
Film: Everybody's businessUNISDR  2005
Film: Lessons save lives: the story of Tilly SmithUNISDR  2005
Film: The power of knowledge: the story of a boy from Semilieu, IndonesiaUNISDR  2005
RiesgolandiaUNISDR AM  2004
Locusts: The eighth plagueIRIN  2004
Interactive CD-ROM for the school manual on climate changeInformation centre on sustainable energy and the environment (CIEDE)  
Video: safe hospitalsPAHO  
ProVention Consortium YouTube channelProVention Consortium  
IFRC YouTube channelIFRC  
Earthquake songCRS  
Support for the disabled facing disasters "still in a symbolic stage"UN Radio  
Snakes and Ladders: a multimedia educational game for children on DRR  

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